Interrupti- Dress Pants..I need dress pants.

Kalia wrote:

Hi Sean,

I recently found out about your blog and I really like the advice you give so I thought I’d ask you for some as well.  I have been dating a guy (we will call him AY) for about 5 months and things are good, but he has one major flaw.  He interrupts me all of the time when he thinks I am wrong.  Here is a recent conversation:

Me- I think I should get one of those new Samsung phones.

AY-Those things suck.  Just stay with your Iphone.

Me-Yeah, but the Google phones are the bes-

AY- (Interrupting me)  Naaah, they suck.  I’m just saying they are crap.

Now this may seem minor, but it happens almost everyday and it’s really getting annoying.  It’s even started to happen when he feels he has something more important to say.  If I don’t stop talking at let him talk, he’ll just get louder and talk over me.  I have tried to talk to him about it but he swears he isn’t doing it..oddly enough he doesn’t interrupt me when I bring it up.

What do I do?




I’ve known a few people like this and I can agree that it’s maddening at times.  This type of “what I have to say is more important” douchebaggery is not only annoying, it also leads to bigger problems down the road.  I don’t know what causes this type of behavior from people (personally, I feel it stems from parents that allowed their child to get away with it), but it needs to stop.

Talk with him about your feelings and if he interrupts you after the discussion, you’ll have to fight fire with fire.  I am usually not a fan of the “do unto others” rule, but in this case, AY may need to be shown how his behavior is affecting you.  If he doesn’t listen to your request for him to be more respectful of you when you’re talking, take every opportunity you have to interrupt him and explain how annoying it is when he does it to you.

Hopefully he sees the issue here.  If he doesn’t, maybe he just doesn’t respect you and it’s time to go.