Facebook is confusing

It's complicated…
Yeah, relationships with cameras are naturally complicated.

Dalia wrote:


I have an issue with Facebook.  This guy I’ve been talking to has been in a relationship for the entire time we’ve been chatting online.  He always said he wasn’t happy and that he felt like he should leave his relationship, so I let myself get closer to him.  We even arranged a date.  The problem came when he never showed up for the date.  I checked his FB page and it said “In a Relationship and it’s complicated” so I thought that meant he and his GF were on the breakup path and I emailed him.

He emailed me back and said his status meant they’d worked things out and were now serious again so things with us wouldn’t ever work.

What gives?  What does that FB status even mean?  How could he just go change his mind?



You got fooled Dalia.  This was a guy who clearly wasn’t going to leave his girlfriend..he just wanted a little side action with no attachment, but when he realized you may have wanted to be more serious, he got cold feet.  My advice to you is to not develop relationships (online or in person) with people in relationships.  Let this be your lesson and move on.

As far as Facebook, the “It’s complicated” thing is meant to be a negative (though Facebook will never admit it).

Think about it this way:  Have you ever known the word complicated to be a positive word?  You haven’t…and that’s because it’s meant to be difficult, challenging, daunting, etc.  It’s not a positive word.

“It’s complicated” means crap went wrong somewhere and now the couple is trying to figure things out.  Somewhere along the line, someone who obviously had a less than high school education decided to use that to mean that they were in a serious relationship but not yet engaged.  Lame?  Yes.  Instead of listing themselves as “In a relationship” and leaving it at that (because relationships ARE serious), they decided to make things complicated (see?) for the rest of us and use the “It’s complicated” statement.  Now they screwed it up for the rest of the Facebook users.

Anyway, Facebook gripes aside, you need to work on yourself.  Why were you even flirting with a guy that was in a relationship?  To me, that says you have issues you also need to work on.  Fix those before your next dating attempt.