You know you want this..

Jenny wrote:


I have a chest.  It’s rather large (32dd to be exact) and it’s all natural, but it’s also something I am becoming self conscious about.  So many friends of mine want to always draw attention to them and take pictures of them while we’re out drinking and stuff (the typical facebook booby grab pics and stuff) but I don’t like it.  I don’t want people to look at me as just another pair of boobs, and I especially don’t want guys to think I am nothing more than a couple of DD’s.  I don’t wear slutty clothes and I have so much more to offer, but I don’t know why my friends are always drawing attention to the two things that are the most visible.  What do I do?




I am sure that there are some women that would love to be in your shoes, but I can understand where you’re coming from on this.  Friends will be friends and they will want to joke around and have fun, but if what they’re doing is making you uncomfortable, let them know that it is unacceptable behavior.  Your body parts are yours, and yours alone.   You also said you’re not wearing slutty clothes and that you have much more to offer, so also make sure that people see that.  If you’re hanging around the “drink until we puke”  and “flash you for a dollar” party types, it may be hurting your social progress.  Stay out of clubs, stick to a more relaxed atmosphere when drinking, and make sure your friends keep their hands (and eyes) off of your chest.

As far as men go, there are “boob men” and “ass men” and all types of men, but almost every guy wants some “boobage up top” in a girl they decide to be intimate with.  If you’re finding guys that can’t stop staring or can’t stop talking about your boobs, maybe you’re looking for the wrong type of guy, especially if you’re meeting them while you’re with your other friends at parties and while out drinking.  Have you tried online dating?  I’d try the online scene first and post some pictures of yourself that aren’t showing how large your chest is to see if you can attract the type of guy you’re looking for.  Good luck and keep us updated.