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Apparently boobs are a topic of interest.  The post yesterday had almost a record number of views. Thanks to those of you that have been keeping up with the blog!


Today’s post is similar in content, and comes from a reader of yesterday’s post.  She wrote:


Your post reminded me of something I went through as a kid.  I had a large chest and sprouted early.  I was a D cup by the time I was 13 and a EE cup by the age of 17.  It caused social, physical and emotional problems in my life and was quite an ordeal.  Girls called me a slut even though I didn’t go to parties or date anyone until after high school, guys seemed to only want to spend time with me because they thought they could have a chance to make out and touch them (and when they saw I didn’t date or make out, they left), and the back pain I suffered through was insane. I am only 5ft 3 and 120 lbs, to with my boobs, it was another 30lbs of front weight.  Not fun.

Anyway, I got them reduced, to a C cup, when I was 19.  It was fantastic to not have all of the stigma and health issues that came with having a large chest.  I am happy with them now and think they look fantastic.  So does my husband, who managed to get to know the real me AFTER the boobs were gone.

I am not saying the person that wrote yesterday should get a reduction, I am just saying there are options for dealing with large breasts, and sometimes those options are expensive, but worth every penny.



I heard from a few others yesterday that also mentioned the following:

Allison wrote: There are men who are perverts and would love nothing more than a woman that is top-heavy… However, YOU are the one that is dating and YOU are also the one to weed out the losers. It’s not hard to see the difference between a pervert and someone who’s genuinely into you for you, and not for your body.

You have to learn how to love yourself first… Consider what you have a gift and if it bothers you enough to give you grief or emotional distress, or even if it causes health problems – such as back problems – there are ways to reduce them now-a-days! And insurance does cover it, a lot of the time.

When it comes to friends… If they are being THAT annoying about your chest, consider who your friends are. Mine have talked about them and what-not (in good ways), but they have never gone overboard, or have been grotesque. There’s a line of respect that should not be crossed, which should be mutual.

She needs to be have confidence in herself, stick up for herself and not care what others think about her image. And as long as she loves herself and all that she has to offer… This shouldn’t be an issue. Sure, looks are a lot of the time the first impression… But after that, comes the heart and the mind. And if she has a lot to offer on the inside, people will look over what’s on the outside and just consider those physical qualities icing on the cake.

Anonymous wrote: She should have them reduced if they get bigger.  I did when mine got huge and I don’t regret it.  It’s nice to have people notice you instead of your boobs.

Jackie wrote: She should be proud of those boobies.  I’ve been flat chested my whole life and would love a natural pair.  Friends can be just as cruel when you’re flat as when you’re busty.  She needs to put her friends in check and let them know it’s not okay.

Panhia wrote: I love my boobies.  Sure, they’ve been trouble at times, but you have to make sure people see you for being you and not just a pair of (o)(o)’s.  If you pick better friends or get stricter on who you date, you’ll be happy.


Thanks for writing all of you.  Great feedback.