A challenge..

Blue ribbon
Feel free to cut this out and paste my face on it.

For many, it’s the Christmas season..for some it’s just winter.  Either way, there are people that are unable to be as joyful this year due to lost jobs, lost homes, or lost loved ones.

When you went to the bank with your parents as a kin, did you ever get a free sucker?  Do you remember how excited you were?  It was like a blessing in disguise as the teller held out the sucker basket and you got to take one.  I am challenging you to pass that feeling on to someone else before the end of this year, then..I want to hear about it.

I know many of us don’t have a ton of money, but we can all do something.  It could be as simple as donating clothes and old toys to your local Salvation Army, United Way,  or Goodwill.  It could be giving to Toys for Tots, working at a homeless shelter, or giving to a local food pantry.  We’re all worrying about ourselves and our families this time of year, so shouldn’t we also think about those who aren’t as fortunate as us?  Do something good.  Give back to your communities and write me about it.  Have you done it already this season?  Write in and share your story!

February marks the 2 year point of the blog and it’s going as strong as ever.  As THIS year comes to a close though, I wish nothing but happiness and joy for all of you.  I’ll update from now into the new year, but may be taking a few days here and there to spend time with family.