Traditional envelope containing money as a gif...
My gifts aren't this nicely wrapped.

I’ll post a few of the “A challenge” emails later today, but first, I have another question for you:  Who do you give a gift to (besides family and friends) during the holiday season?

The reason I ask is because I heard a discussion on a local morning show about tipping teachers.  Most people were supportive of it, but others said it was ridiculous because giving a gift to someone for doing their job is setting a dangerous precedent..if you gifted a teacher, you’d need to gift a mail man, a doctor, a barber or stylist, and even the guy at Home Depot who helped you load your car.

I can see that argument.  I don’t give gifts to my doctor.  Hell, he probably makes twice what I make in a year and he spends 15-20 minutes with me maybe two times per year.  He can’t even remember my name.  No gift needed.  I don’t gift my mail person or my garbage guys and I cut my own hair (I am picky) so no gifts there either.  But a teacher?  I say yes, to giving a gift to a teacher.  My child sees them daily and develops a bond with them.  A good teacher is like a second family because of the support and guidance they give their students.

I had a boss once who was like family to me.  Jeff was his name, and he is, to this day, the best boss I’ve ever had.  He knew when to push me, he knew how to guide me, and he cared enough to make sure I understood things the entire way.  When my daughter was born, I used to take her into work sometimes and he’d just light up.  It was awesome.  HE was awesome.  He got a gift every year because he was like family.  Bosses since then haven’t really gotten gifts from me because they have quite a challenge to top Jeff.

Who do you give back to?