All for the little ones, Christmas toys…


Jenna wrote:

I have a question to ask you and hopefully you can shed some light on the situation. I have been dating my boyfriend for about 3 months and we’ve waited to have sex until we’re married. We’ve been through the making out stuff and all of that, but we’d agreed to wait until marriage for the rest. I’ve always thought he and I were on the same page for things until this holiday season. I went all out for our first Christmas and got him a really cool phone that he’d wanted and he loved it. I opened mine and it was a vibrator. A 10$ vibrator. No card, no reasoning-just a vibrator. He basically crushed all of the romantic ideas I had of him and turned them all into an image of him just lusting after me for sex. Is that the case? Have I been wasting my time?


It seems to me, your boyfriend wants more than just making out.  Dongs are great for gifts too, but I think they make a poor Christmas gift, personally. I am guessing your talk about waiting for marriage went like this:

(Making out)

Jenna: Wait, I’d like to wait until marriage before we have sex.

Boyfriend: (Secretly hoping to seduce you into sex in a few months) Uh, yeah. Okay. Sounds good.

(Back to making out again)

There seems to be a disconnect with your wants and needs here, so I’d advise you to talk to him about things. First, explain that you appreciate the gesture, but you found the gift to be a little confusing and ask him to explain his reasoning behind getting you the donger.  If it turns out that he wants sex, then it may be time to re-evaluate your relationship. If it turns out he’s just crap at giving thoughtful gifts, see if he has a gift receipt and pray to god it’s unopened and still returnable..then explain to him that it’s the thought that counts. Not THAT thought..just the generosity.




BTB33 wrote:

I was reading some older posts this holiday break and saw a post in which you stated you didn’t like girls with hairy arms. Is this a common thing? Check out does that make you feel?


As far as I know that is a relatively common thing. Many guys I know don’t like women with really hairy arms. For me, it’s just a preference. I saw your link…that’s exactly the type of woman I wouldn’t go for. Call me picky, but I just can’t do it.