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Julius wrote:


Is it me, or are most of the women on dating sites these days crazy cat or crazy dog owners?  Everywhere I search in my town, I see pictures of women holding their cats or dogs and putting them in almost every other pic.  I am not against pets, but I am against treating them like humans.  They are animals, not children or best friends.  Feed them, show them affection, but they shouldn’t be sleeping in your bed or the main point of your dating profile.  This isn’t “PetMatch”.com..  Right?



I couldn’t have said it better myself.  I don’t know of any guy that has looked at a profile and said, “OOH, that girl has a nice set of poodles.  I wonder if she looks good naked..”  I also don’t know of a girl that’s looked at a profile and squealed, “Wow, he has a huge dachshund.  I bet he’s good in bed.”  If you’re going to to online dating, mention your pets, but don’t make them the focus.  People want to get to know YOU, not Fido or Mr. Fluffles…that comes later.  Finally, people, for the love of God…don’t let your pets sleep in your bed.  It’s just plain gross.  At your feet is one thing if they’re small, but not IN your bed.  Julius is right-they aren’t humans, they’re pets.  Try snuggling up with them in their doggy bed and see what I am talking about.  You’ll quickly realize you don’t belong there..just as they don’t belong in your bed.