On deck

Whew, 2010 was a busy year.  According to WordPress, my blog was viewed over 10,000 times this year, and Stages and Stereos and 5 Movies Needing a Reboot were the two most popular posts of this last year.  In 2011, I’ll be offering more advice (duh), more restaurant and bar reviews (yay!), and upping the post frequency to an almost daily post sequence.  You keep reading, I’ll keep writing.

On a side note, my gym drought is over.  I finally found a nice one in Woodbury and I am back on track after getting derailed by my move in November.  I am sore as hell today, but am well on the way to my goal of great health.


Check out this band if you get a chance.  I’ve been a fan for awhile now and really think their latest CD is amazing.  They are called “He is We”.  The lead singer’s  voice is powerful, yet cute…and she has this romantic longing in her voice that I really find fascinating.