Tera wrote:

Do all guys have trouble entering adulthood?  My friend “John” is a total loser at life.  He jumps from job to job, hasn’t ever had a full time job in his life.  He’s only lived with people and has never had his own place, is always out of money, rarely bathes, drinks alot, doesn’t dress well, and has no ambition to finish his education or to progress his life in the future.  He simply exists.  He says he’s happy (but he also says he would like to find someone to settle down with and is having a hard time), but I see him scrounging for money and all I can do is wonder how happy he really is.  Why do guys do this?



It isn’t just guys.  For some reason, there is a growing number of 20 to 30-somethings that are simply “existing”.  Is it wrong?  Only if they’re pulling resources from the government and not working to repay that assistance.  Males and females alike are choosing to bypass getting any education and try their luck at getting somewhere in life.  In today’s world, that is no longer a reality.  It’s kind of like being a vegan.  I’d like to see one person that is a true vegan.  It simply is no longer a reality.  You may get close, just as those people “existing” may get close to getting somewhat close to their dreams, but it just won’t ever happen 100%.  You can’t realistically just exist with no ambition and hope that something good will happen in your life.  Wish on as many stars as you like, but it won’t become reality.

Try to explain to your friend that in today’s world, there are three things that everyone should have:  An education, ambition, and motivation.  He doesn’t have it and many people don’t have it (or they have them but don’t use them).  Without these three traits, it’ll become increasingly harder to find happiness..let alone someone to share it with.