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This is not okay.

Anonymous wrote:

I am a 34 year old male that loves getting Brazillian waxes, but I recently was teased by a new girlfriend for getting them.  She says it’s usually only something gay men and women do.  I disagree.  What’s your take?




Front waxing is fine, but Brazillian waxing is different from regular waxing because hair is ripped out in the front, back, and everywhere in between.  I’ve personally never known any straight man to ever desire getting one of these.  Not only does it seem extremely painful, but it seems unnecessary.  Do you wear a thong for your job?  Are you a male stripper or porn star?  Are you an ass double in the film industry?  If no, then I’d say there will never be a situation in which you’ll need to have your ass crack waxed.

In my opinion, no straight male should ever wear a Speedo or thong to the beach or pool.  It’s just not an attractive sight waxed or not waxed.  You usually end up looking like you smuggled a crushed banana and two lychee fruits in your shorts.  Despite what some women may have told you, it’s just not attractive…even if you have an ass that could stop traffic.  That said, I feel Brazillians are better left to the females in the species that desire such things.  I have a gay male friend that also says he and his buddies get them because it’s “not cool to be gay and hairy”.  He just added “unless you’re a bear.”

Anyway, I am siding with your girlfriend on this one Anonymous.  Now, put down your thong and grab some bowers.