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A-D389 wrote:

Sean, my boyfriend and I were debating, what is the average number of sexual relationships for women and men in their 20’s?  I say three for women and 10 for men and he says the opposite.




I looked all over and couldn’t find a “real” average, but there are sexual studies that have been done that show that both women and men have more sexual partners today than in the 80’s and even 90’s.  It was once stated, (jokingly), that guys should take the number their girlfriend tells them and multiply by three…and the women should take the number their boyfriend gives them and divide by two.

After asking a few friends, I’d say the conservative number is anywhere between 1-5 for both males and females, and it goes up from there for the non-conservative types.  Males didn’t have more than females or vice-versa.  I hope that helps.