Wipe out..

KAS bathroom privacy invasion
It's the clean ass patrol..

Jacinta wrote:


I am getting grossed out by “single wipers” in the bathroom and it seems like it’s happening with more and more people.  I don’t know about most people, but I like my butt to be clean and I’ll take whatever time I can to make sure it is.  However, it seems that more and more people are just going in, doing their business, wiping once (quickly), and heading back out.  Am I not normal or are other people just that gross?




Where do you live?  Wait, nevermind..if I know, I’ll probably never go there.  You are completely normal for being hygienic, but it seems the others have lost sense of the damage they are possibly doing to others by not following simple bathroom rules.  E coli, gastrointestinal diseases, neonatal meningitis, and a host of other health problems can arise from ingesting fecal bacteria.  Think you’re safe?  It’s everywhere from shopping cart handles to soda fountains to food.  It comes from people who follow poor standards of personal hygiene such as not washing their hands after using the restroom or not properly cleaning themselves after the bathroom.

Single wipers has always been a gross out of mine too, and for several reasons:

1.  Who thinks skidmarks are cool?  I certainly don’t want to look like I sat on a candy bar.

2.  Is “dirty ass” a popular scent to be wearing these days?  I’ll take my John Varvatos or Burberry cologne anyday.

3.  What kind of hurry do you have to be in to just wipe once and leave?  Is your paused game of COD: Modern Warfare 2 that big of a deal?  Is that dollar undies sale at Macy’s something you really need to get back to THAT fast?

4.  Think about what you’re touching or where your dirty ass is sitting after you get done semi-cleaning yourself.  Would you want your face there?  Think about a baby touching it then putting his/her hands in their mouth.  Does it gross you out?  Wipe your damn ass.

As for you, Jacinta.  Keep up the good effort..and for God’s sake..educate those that are breaking the rules.  If we all fail at the basic code of cleanliness, we’ve all failed each other.