Daring to dare

Cover of "The Dare (Fear Street, No. 21)&...
Cover of The Dare (Fear Street, No. 21)

Nathan wrote:


A friend of mine just showed me your blog and I wanted to ask a question.  I have a group of friends that are fun to hang out with but they are starting to dare each other to do stupid stuff, dangerous stuff, and I wanted to get your take on it.  We all grew up together but there are about four or five of them that are starting to get in trouble at school and stuff because they are doing these things and I am worried it could get me in trouble too.  The last time we were together, one guy dared another one to beat up an old guy and take his money.  The dared friend walked up to the old guy, but couldn’t go through with it and the first guy made fun of him.  They’ve dared me to steal stuff, to wreck things, to throw a chair through a window, etc., but I keep declining and keep getting made fun of.  These guys are my friends and I’d hate to lose them as friends, but they’re doing some things I can’t see myself being a part of.  What do I do?




Don’t go for their dares.  You’re right in thinking it’ll get you in trouble eventually.  These people aren’t your friends either.  They may have been at one time, but it all ended the moment they started daring you to do things that could get you in trouble.  We all take different paths in life.  Some paths lead us away from our friends, sometimes then back to them, and other times we’ll never see them again.  Your friends are on a diverging path and it’s time you let them go their own way and keep on the path you feel is the right path.  It can be hard to lose friends, but sometimes it’s for the best.  You seem to have a good head on your shoulders and as long as you stay that way, you’ll go far in life.  Don’t let anyone make you stray from that…you owe it to yourself.