Fatty McGee and the Carbonators

A diet rich in soy and whey protein, found in ...
Protein and fiber..winning combo.

Pbrn wrote:


I am inspired by your commitment to mental and physical health for yourself and those that write you.  I’ve been trying to eat healthy but I can’t seem to cut out carbs and fat.  If I cut out carbs, I get tired.  If I try to cut out fat, it seems that I can’t find any food that tastes good.  How do you do it?




I don’t, it’s as easy as that.  Your body NEEDS fat for hormone production, healthy cell production, and a bunch of other things, as I’ve said before.  Your body also needs carbs for basic energy and for your brain health.  Eating healthy isn’t about cutting out certain sections of foods, or drastically limiting your intake of them, it’s about finding balance.

I’m always amazed at these diets that say things like, “Carbs are bad”, or “Red meat is the enemy”, or “avoid citrus fruits”.  If you’re dieting, first realize you’re losing weight the wrong way.  Secondly, you should realize that any diet in which you’re asked to eat only one type of food or cut an entire food group out of your diet, you’re going to eventually fail.  It’s how the diet works.  If it was guaranteed to be permanent, you’d never try the product again after you hit your goal.  Diet designers WANT you to fail because you’ll eventually say, “well it worked for a bit..maybe I should try that again..”.  Did you know that aspartame and zero fat foods subconsciously promote a feeling of hunger in your brain?  Studies have shown a strong link to “no fat foods”, aspartame, and overeating.

Keep carbs in your diet, keep fat in your diet, but manage them both.  With carbs, think more about getting a full days supply of dietary fiber or eating whole grains.  With fats, think about eating for healthy fats like fats from coconut oil, safflower oil, milk fat, etc., and make sure you top it all off with plenty of exercise.  If you’re spending more nights at home on the couch than you’re taking trips to the gym (or getting active) each week, you’re not helping your body.  If you have kids, get out and be active with them..they’ll be thankful for the interaction and even more thankful later in life when you’re still around to spend time with them.