Image by dotpolka via Flickr

So a drunk driver smashed into my roommate’s parked car Saturday night.  I was just sitting there (I was upstairs with headphones on, loading my ipod and he was down in his room), when I heard a loud crash..and felt it through the floor.  I thought maybe it was a water heater problem or something and ran downstairs, but found nothing.  When I ran back upstairs, I could hear a car peeling out trying to leave.  I looked out the window and shouted for my roommate to come up.  He ran outside and a very drunk man stumbled out of the truck saying his head hurt.  Luckily, the neighbors called the police after hearing the sound and they showed up instantly.  The man was in jail before the tow truck even showed up.  My roomie’s car is badly damaged, the other guy’s car was a complete wreck, and the police got a nice view of my living room (I don’t have furniture in that room yet) as they asked us questions regarding the incident.

Of all of the things that could have happened..of all of the possible roads he could have taken, he took ours and thankfully hit a car with no one in it.  It’s pretty simple..if you’re drinking, don’t drive.  If you do, and you happen to go through any area in the vicinity of my neighborhood, just come pay me $2000 and you can stay the night.  It’ll be cheaper than a DWI arrest, you’ll save yourself from a criminal record and keep a good reputation, and I have nice blankets and a puke bucket for ya.  $2000 is payable up front, and in cash only.