MSG (the food thing..not a message)

I can't imagine these without MSG.

Arock wrote:

I was looking at your previous posts and you seem to know what you’re talking about with food nutrition.  What about MSG?  I know some foods have it, and some don’t, but wasn’t it illegal or something in the 80’s?  I just remember a bunch of stuff saying NO MSG on it.




From what I can see, it was never illegal, but after a few studies were done in the 80’s that tried to show it caused cholesterol problems (all salts can cause high cholesterol if consumed regularly), many food producers would label their product as MSG FREE.  However, the FDA now requires food producers to remove that label from the product if there is a high level of ANY glutamate in the product.  Despite the common myth about it being a completely artificial product, MSG (sodium glutamate or monosodium glutamate) is derived from a NATURALLY OCCURRING non-essential amino acid.  It’s in a bunch of foods ranging from Doritos to some meat-jerky snacks to Chinese food and is mainly added as a flavor enhancer.

There are articles stating that MSG can worsen asthma, add to breathing problems, and even cause weight gain, but there are no studies that have been done (and then repeated) that can show any such link..unlike HFCS studies that have shown time and time again that an issue exists with HFCS.  Therefore, I am personally okay with consuming this product, in moderation of course.