Working, but not.

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I hope "D" drops the soap.

Katrisse wrote:

Hey Sean,

I met a wonderful man about 4 months ago and we’ve been dating seriously for two months.  We met on an online thing on which I stated I was looking for a man with a career and some goals.  “D” entered my life and was perfect.  He has a nice apartment, a nice car, and loved to take me out places and everything was wonderful until about 2 days ago when I found out “D” didn’t really have a job (he collects welfare by the way), he deals drugs.  He’d been busted and asked me to come get him from jail.  I bailed him out and was really pissed.  When we argued, he said that making money is a job “any way you look at it” but I disagree, I say if you’re not contributing to society (following laws, paying taxes, etc) and earning an honest living with a real job, you’re not working.  What should I do?




I totally agree with you.  If you are making money by breaking laws (whether it’s illegal gambling, stealing, running or dealing drugs, or anything along those lines), you’re nothing more than a common criminal.  Making money isn’t a job.  Working is a job.  Nothing irks me more than someone taking advantage of a governmental loophole to collect benefits when they’re not working a real job or contributing to society in a meaningful manor.  My advice to you is to kick this guy to the curb and move on with life.  There is no good that will come from having a relationship with this man.  If it were me, I’d also find a way to report him for welfare fraud too if he’s making serious money.  If you go back to online dating, clarify that you want someone with a real career/job, nothing illegal.  It appears as if there are criminals looking for love as well.