Ass dandruff.

photo of toilet seat
See any snowfall?

Ben219 wrote:


Am I the only guy on earth that is grossed out by seeing ass dandruff on toilet seats in public restrooms?  Maybe I am “metrosexual”, but I believe in lotioning my backside after every shower because ass dandruff as I call it is disgusting.  Every time I use a public sit down toilet, I am grossed out when I visually check the seat and see the “skin snowfall” on the seat.  Don’t people have enough courtesy to lotion their own ass or at least wipe up their mess?




I didn’t know it had a name, but I have also noticed “ass dandruff” on seats.  It is gross, but perhaps it’s because guys don’t know they’re leaving it behind?  Maybe they don’t have someone at home to let them know that their ass is looking a little ashy and dry?  You may indeed be one in a small number of men (including myself) who lotion their backside after a shower (even I forget from time to time).  Hopefully this post will educate men and women alike and end this issue once and for all.  I can’t see major celebrities coming together for an ass dandruff benefit anytime soon, so if this post doesn’t help, you’ll just have to deal with it.