Night stand unit

No, no..not one NIGHTSTAND...a one night stand!

RJP29 wrote:

I totally disagree with your post about Match from the other day man.  I don’t really say what I am looking for in my profile and I do just fine.  My pics aren’t the greatest, but I still get women emailing me.  I love sports and hanging out with my guy friends and I still get dates.  It seems as though you are mistaken my friend, there are guys out there that can just get chicks all day long without trying.  We all don’t have to be following basic rules and guidelines.



True, RJP29, you don’t need to follow rules and guidelines, but from your “guys out there that can just get chicks all day long” comment, I’d say it’s been awhile since you’ve had a productive relationship.  Many of us could just “get chicks” or “get guys” if we wanted to, but some of us want more than just the occasional piece of ass.  Many of us want something solid..a foundation to build upon and turn into something wonderful.  It doesn’t always work for the long term, but we try to make things work, and we focus on improving ourselves and the lives of the people we choose to have relationships with.

I gave advice to Allan in that post because I wanted to steer him down the right path toward a good and productive relationship, not a series of one night stands and a lifetime of lonely nights. I hope you find your happiness too.  As you and your friends get older and people begin to settle down, you’ll find yourself alone..quickly..if you don’t wise up.



(Ladies, I know I’ve said this before, but Match isn’t all positive, all of the time.  There ARE douchebags like this guy that like to abuse the site for their own gain.  Use your intelligence and weed these guys out early.)