The Dating Game
Da-na na-na na..oh crap I forgot the theme song.

Piri wrote:

I have a problem with dating sites, and that is that they always try to put me into a category that I don’t quite fit.  I am 29 years old, 180lbs, and 6ft tall.  I am somewhat busty, but not curvy or fat by any means, yet dating sites always force me to choose either average, athletic, or BBW.  I am no BBW-I am not at all even close to chubby, I am not athletic either because I am not super in-shape and I don’t like sports, and I am not average because I am too tall.  Most average women are like 5ft 7.  I’ve tried the three categories and the people I go on dates with either end up being short, super athletic, or chubby chasers that are disappointed when I am not as big as they hoped.  How do I go about finding the right spot to list myself?  Any tips?




I have one tip for you.  Try the “chose not to answer” category and explain it in your profile.  As a matter of fact, you could choose any of the categories you listed above and still explain yourself and what you’re looking for in your profile.  It all boils down to communication.  You should be as descriptive of yourself as you need to be, and you should be as descriptive of your potential match as you need to be.  Don’t like short guys?  Write that down.  Don’t think you’re athletic?  Write THAT down.  You didn’t have to go on dates with the guys that you did, but for some reason (maybe you’re looking to date and just taking whoever comes along) you went anyway.  Be picky.  Be as picky as you would like to be and your chances of finding a good match will improve.  Just remember though, as picky as you may be about the people YOU date, others may be picky about who they date as well.