Am I pregnant?

Taste Buds

Lulu wrote:


I can’t eat foods I once loved to eat for some reason.  Lately, when I eat things like chocolate, pizza, and apples, I get a metally taste in my mouth that really makes me sick to my stomach.  It doesn’t happen all of the time, and I read that sometimes when people are pregnant, they can get this.  Does this mean I am pregnant?  Should I go get tested?




Go buy a test at your local Walgreens and see if you’re preggers.  If you’re not, it could be a variety of things like severe dehydration, gum disease, medications, or even changing hormones.  It could also be a worse scenario like cancer, too much iron, or some sort of toxicity. As far as hormonal issues go, teenagers often experience things like this as they go through puberty.  The hormone boost in their body is in a constant state of flux which can wreak havoc on their taste buds too.  For women, it can also happen later in life during menopause.  If it’s after puberty and before the menopausal period for you, consider the other causes above or go see your doctor.