Interesting question

Cherie from WI wrote:


What’s your take on the whole union thing happening in Wisconsin?  I am a Republican and see the need to balance the budget and cap government spending, but I am also a 9 year union member who believes unions are an essential part of capitalism.  I feel robbed and cheated by a Governor I helped elect.  It’s strange having someone on both sides, I am sure, but wanted to know your take.




I have never been in a union, and I only know a handful of people that actually have, but I feel that people have a right and a duty to stand up for better working conditions and pay.  Do I feel there are abuses?  Yes..there shouldn’t be any bargaining stipulations such as “working at 74 degrees instead of 73 degrees is against..blah, blah, ” but making sure that pay, benefits, and conditions are equal to or better than what corporations offer is fine with me.  There is way too much corporate greed these days and I am against companies giving hardworking employees low pay and wages in an attempt to feed the already fat pockets of a hardly-working CEO.

On top of that, Wisconsin’s governor is acting like a douchebag.

There you have my take on things.