My daughter has always been a “different” kid.  She’s always been able to learn quickly, adapt, and has an imagination that is out of this world.  In her 8 years, she’s done more as an (almost) 8 year old than I did in 19 of mine.  She’s been into a radio station, talked into a real radio microphone, listens to alternative music, and now…has written a book..the first in a series actually.

Olivia is publishing books for Amazon’s Kindle (with my help, of course) and using the earnings to save for her (and her cousin’s) college expenses.  Totally her idea!  This girl is mapping out her future at an age where I was still trying to figure out what Cobra Commander’s face really looked like.  She is destined for big things.  We’ll have book two up sometime in April, and book three later this summer.

I’ve published a few pieces there too, and they can all be viewed on the Kindle site here.  I am so proud of my (almost) 8 year old little wonder.  Feel free to check it out, and if you want a short, but cute first book for your little youngster to read on your Kindle or smartphone (Kindle is on most Android and Apple phones), go ahead and buy a copy today.