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I’ve been sick for the past few days.  Not the average sick either..I am talking a “whole body hurts, cough up a lung, constant fever, throat feels like I ate glass” kind of sick.  Not fun.  I finally got up yesterday evening and am back at work today, toughing it out.

I had enough energy this morning to even complete a post!  Here you go:


Sam wrote:


I just started reading this blog and noticed awhile back that you’d posted a link about energy drinks, but you forgot to post the best selling one of all:  Gatorade.  What gives?




Gatorade is not an energy drink, it’s an electrolyte replenishment drink..like flavored sugar water.  There are a small number of vitamins in Gatorade and Powerade, but nothing that would qualify it as an energy drink.  Typically, an energy drink should raise the drinker’s metabolism through vitamins, herbs, or caffeine AND also produce an energy lift for the drinker.  Gatorade simply replenishes minerals lost through sweat.  Tap water does the same thing in most cases.

I’m not against Gatorade by any means, I just don’t rank it in a category where it doesn’t belong.  It’d be like ranking Chili’s and McDonalds on the same ticket because they both have fries, when in reality, it’s two different things.


(By the way, if there’s an energy drink you’d like me to try, send it to me.  I am always on the look out for new ones.)