What a weekend..

So I misjudged my “getting better” statement from the other day and in fact, sunk into worse health on Friday and Saturday.  It all culminated with me ending up in urgent care on Saturday getting cough medicine with codeine and more meds.  NOW I am finally feeling better, and despite the codeine wooziness, I can be productive.

Another odd happening over the weekend was that yes ANOTHER drunk drive hit my roommate’s car.  Not only did they hit it, but they hit the same spot and also destroyed a rim.  I shot out of bed to check it out (5am) and saw them trying to get away but their axle was broken, so I called police who showed up and arrested the man, then towed his car.  The roomie is a bit pissed.  Apparently our street is a favorite cruising spot for drunks.  I just may lose my patience with the next one and smack them silly before the cops arrive.