That’s ass-inine.

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Look at that mound.

Clara wrote:



I am an ass-girl by definition.  I rate a guy by the size of his ass.  Personally, I like them big and firm, like a baseball player’s..  I’ve been told that I am a bit of a rarity, so I wanted to ask you if you know if women that rate a guy by his ass to see if I am truly one-of-a-kind.




Asstastic.  I am not an ass man.  I am not a boob man, nor am I an eye man, a race man, or a lip man.  I am a full package man.  IF there was one thing I could be characterized as it would be a non-hairy arm man since hairy arms are the only thing that will immediately disqualify someone from my mind.  Asses are only an afterthought.

I asked around and many of my female friends said they do not look at a guy’s ass when considering whether or not they’d date him.  Most qualified that with a statement along the lines of “unless it’s huge..then no.”  I guess you are a rare breed these days.

With so much emphasis on other things, I can see why the ass is overlooked.  Readers, if you’re an ass person, post who you’d rate “best ass” (or what makes a great ass) in the comments section of this post if you’d like to add your side to this debate.



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  1. I’ve dated a lot of dumbAsses. Does that count? I am an arm girl..nice arms count me in. Ryan Reynolds anyone?! Although I’d have to say everything on him is nice.

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