The older we get.


May I use the bathroom?...

Anne wrote:


Is it just me, or does dating get harder with age?  It seems like the single 30 crowd has SO many more issues than the single 20 crowd did.  I’d like to think I WON’T have to settle for a total retard when the time comes to settle down, but it isn’t leaning that way.




I once compared us all to cans on a grocery store shelf.  We all get our dents and drops and eventually reach our expiration date.  No one’s perfect Anne, and the older we get, the more we notice this.  Yes, this means you’ll have to decide if someone’s minor flaws are your major dealbreakers, but it all essentially boils down to what you want.  How happy do you want to be?

In my 20’s, I dated a girl that by all definition of the word was a hardcore alcoholic.  She drank and was drunk daily.  She smoked pot, she had no goals in life, and she had the worst credit I’d ever known anyone to have.  I dated her…why?  She was hot.  It didn’t last though..she and I had a falling out about a month into it and we split up.   The reason I am telling you this is because what we may overlook in our 20’s, may be a bigger deal in our 30’s because we’ve refined our tastes.  The issues may have always been there, we just chose to overlook them when we were younger.  Now that we’re older and (hopefully) wiser, we see them sooner and are more likely to weed out those that do not fit our ideals.

Personally, I’ll never settle for less than what I want.  I figure it’s taken this long to find the person I’ll spend my life with, so I’m going to make sure my choice is a good one.