Big news… Olivia’s new book is now available to buy on Kindle for only $1.99!  After updating the description section late last night, I realized it needed a tweak and it will be changing in the next day to be more like this:

Strawheart is an adventure tale of Sophia and Darwin who must go on an adventure to save Sophia’s kingdom.  Along the way, they learn about true love and standing up for what’s right.  They also meet some friends..a troll with a girl’s voice, an ugly fairy, a white wolf, and a living scarecrow named Strawheart who hides an important secret.

It’s a longer book, but a good read for kids ages 7-12.  The page numbers very by the screen size of your Kindle or Kindle app, but on my phone, it was well over 80 pages.  This is a steal at $1.99!


Again, all profits go towards Olivia’s college.  Pick a copy up today or if you know a parent that uses Kindle, pass the word along to them!

Here is the link.