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"Hey, wait a minute..this isn't chocolate milk!"

Ellen wrote:

I’ve been seeing this guy who is a great dad and now, a great boyfriend.  He’s romantic, calm, honest, and fun-pretty much everything someone could want in a guy.  The only problem is that he is making his kids fat.  He lets them drink pop and juice to their hearts’ content, lets them eat sweets whenever they want, and at supper, he gives them HUGE helpings and rewards them with dessert if they clean their plate.  He’s obviously not bothered by the increasing childhood obesity epidemic, but it bothers me.  His kids don’t get a ton of exercise either, and I’m starting to see them losing muscle and gaining fat when other kids their age are fit and healthy.  How do I bring this up to him and let him know it bothers me without destroying the relationship?




You said he was honest, right?  You need to be honest too.  If I were in his shoes, I’d be happy that someone I was dating took extra effort in caring about my kids health.  I think you should bring it up from the perspective of talking about the children eating candy and drinking too much pop.  Maybe start with that, then work back to meal portions and meal contents.  A great show to watch as a family is “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” it’s on ABC starting April 12th (a Tuesday) at 8pm/7pm Central.  The show is amazing and has been a wake up call for many..hopefully he’ll see the error of his ways after your talk as well.