Chris wrote:


You know how you don’t like hairy arms on women?  I don’t like sausage arms.  Have you heard of this term?  It’s where a woman has a straight, round, fatty arm from shoulder to elbow.  It doesn’t have to be huge, but it is all the same shape…like a sausage.  It’s the weirdest looking thing in my opinion and I can’t see how women would let themselves get like that.  It’s pretty easy to fix with diet and exercise, but there are perfectly good looking women out there (I’ve looked..believe me) that have sausage arms because they refuse to workout their full body in the gym.  They just do cardio.  It’s just gross.  Look around now that the weather’s nice and you’ll see what I mean.


No, ARMS! I said ARMS! Forget it, I don't even..


I have heard of sausage arms and (I don’t know where you live) they are all over in the MW.  Some women have huge sausage arms, others have small sausage arms and some have none at all.  It sounds like a damn Dr Seuss book.  Anyway, if it’s a turn off, don’t date those women.  And women, I’m not siding with Chris here, but working out your arms isn’t going to make them huge muscular like Angela Basset once had.  If done properly, a workout routine should focus on the entire body..that means, arms, back, chest, legs, abs, shoulders, and cardio.  Do the full body workout or some circuit training and you’ll be trim all over and not just trim with “sausagey” arms.