What I learned in Georgia..


I spent a few days in Georgia this week and it was an eye opening experience.  Here are just a few things I learned.

1.  When someone says “HEYYOU” they aren’t trying to get your attention, they are saying hello.

2.  When someone says “hayaldoinday”, just say “Fine..you?”  They’ll just nod and keep on walking.

3.  Don’t ask for sweetener with your tea..its already sweet.

4.  When shopping in a farm store, don’t ask to use the bathroom..trust me, you don’t want to see it.  You’re better off peeing your pants.

5.  Its okay to drive without your shirt on in Georgia..in fact you can even go to the grocery store.

6.  I still have no idea what a boiled peanut is but sign like “Butts County Nuts” are not okay.

7.  That isn’t a rusty POS car in front of you, its a cab.  You don’t want to smell the inside.

8.  Apparently, an empty passenger seat qualifies you to take the carpool lane in Georgia.

9.  Papasitos restaurant will try to make you commit suicide by filling yourself with delicious food.

10.  There is a big chicken in front of a KFC in Marietta that has a moving beak.  I guess its famous.