What I learned in Georgia pt 2

Here are a few more nuggets of wisdom:

1.  A car fire won’t shut down the morning commute, but a beer truck fire will close all lanes.

2.  If you turn your shower dial to the position you do at home you will receive a rude awakening..and scalded ass cheeks.

3.  Birds start chirping at 4am here..that’s 3am Central time.  Figure out my frustration…

4.  Ruby Tuesdays food still sucks in Georgia, in case you were wondering.

5.  If the counter attendant at the gas station doesn’t speak English, there is a good chance you won’t be getting gas.

6.  While snow will completely shut down the city, Georgians are exemplary drivers in good weather.

7.  There is a Korean part of Duluth GA that looks more like Maple Grove than your typical Korea Town.

8.  There are more police on the road that stoplights.  They are out to get you.

9.  If you wear a button down shirt, people will think you’re “in the IT industry”.

10.  People will look at you like you’re crazy if you order unsweetened tea.