Stinking up the phone room

Good Friday Appeal phone room as well as Chann...
Not the real phone room.

EDG78 wrote:


I have a job in a phone sales department in a national company so I hope you don’t mind me using an acronym for a name.  Anyway, I love my job except for one thing.  We have a new hire siting right next to me that is grossly overweight (she even has a special chair) and she really stinks.  I don’t know if it’s because she’s so big that cleaning herself after going to the bathroom is impossible, or if she just can’t reach all over in the shower, but it’s awful.

It’s not just me smelling it either.  Just about everyone in the phone room has commented to me that it stinks and we don’t know what we should do.  Should I politely confront her?  Should we write a note?  Should I wait for the boss to deal with it?



What you should do is bring it up to your HR department.  It’s a touchy subject these days (which sucks..everyone should be stink free) and it’s best to let HR find a good way to handle the issue.  If your other co-workers can smell it too, have them bring it to HR as well.  It’s not a matter of ganging up on the stinky co-worker, it’s just a matter of everyone being on the same page with cleanliness.  If you confront her, you run the risk of her possibly taking offense and the company getting into some legal or PR trouble down the road.  Just make the higher-ups aware of the situation and ask that it be handled with some dignity.