Far and Away

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Do long distance relationships work?  I’ve been dating a guy from Orlando for the past 9 months and we’ve hit a bit of a rocky patch.  I live in Arizona and we only see each other about once a month, which has also taken it’s toll on our relationship.  He accuses me of cheating if I go a few days without calling him and he always says he’ll call, then doesn’t..then calls the next morning.  We’ve been arguing for a few weeks now and despite the fact that he says he’s moving out here at the end of the semester, I can’t help but to believe he’s stringing me along.

Do long distance relationships automatically fail?



I feel that if a relationship needs to be qualified by anything (i.e., “long distance”, “on again and off again”, etc.,), it’s doomed for failure.  A relationship should stand all by itself and have the foundation to support that.  A long distance relationship doesn’t have that foundation because there was “long” and “distance” before there was any relationship building.

(Taking a break from writing this…I sliced the inside of my mouth on a damn plastic spoon while eating Greek yogurt….aaaaand back.)

As I was saying…

A relationship needs some basic foundation before it is strong enough to stand on it’s own.  Think of a newborn baby.  When it’s born, do we move it into a house, give it a job, and expect it to survive?  No..we have to take time to build physical, mental, and emotional foundations.  If we don’t take that time and put in that effort we end up with a child that is dead or seriously messed up.  The same thing applies with a relationship.  If you don’t take the time to build the emotional, physical and mental foundations, it’s doomed to fail…or be seriously messed up.  Long distance doesn’t give us the time or resources to build foundations, and therefore, I feel they are all doomed to fail.  If you feel it’s still strong enough to fix, one of you needs to move closer.  If it’s not strong enough, it’s time to walk away.



A bet.

So I’ve been working with my roommate Andy to get a better, healthier life for himself.  He has been on and off and inconsistent with attaining his goals, which is why I was surprised when he texted me the other day and said he wanted a weight loss bet for himself.  The bet was that if he hit a certain weight goal, I had to film a comedy sketch with him.  His weight goal was way too easy, so I pushed it further.

Here is the bet as it stands:  Andy must hit 250lbs by June 11 (my birthday).  He’ll obviously add some muscle as he works out, so this will be a nice challenge..but IF he does, I will wear a shirt on my birthday that says, “I lost a bet to Andy and all I got was this T-shirt.”  I’ll also do the sketch with him.  I need you all to give him some support here.  He has some work to do and needs some words of encouragement.

Andy, the bet is out.  You now have everyone cheering for you.