When you’re hungry

When you’re hungry..

1.  Watching a bag of Doritos fall inside of the vending machine is as beautiful as a double rainbow.

2.  Cookie Dough Pop Tarts seem delicious.

3.  One grape makes you hungry for an entire bag of grapes.

4.  No one better stand between you and your lunch time.

5.  Foodnetwork.com is porn.

6.  It is no time to go buy groceries (unless you like wondering how you got a fridge full of cake).

7.  “Food drunk” is appealing.

8.  You’d eat your shoe..if you could only find some BBQ sauce.

9.  You go to bed on a muffin, cover up with frosting and cuddle a fiber bar.

10.  Seeing the word “pizza” starts off a 10 minute fantasy about pizza.

I’m hungry.

Note:  “Food drunk” is the feeling when you’ve had way too much food. (..and knowing is half the battle..)