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messy apartment
Not Penny's place..this grosses me out.

Penny wrote:


I have what you could call a mess problem.  I try like hell to keep my living quarters clean, but after a few weeks, it is right back to a pig sty.  I’ve tried colorizing, alphabetizing, sizing, and any other “-ing” you could think of.  How can I keep my place clean and tidy?  I’d like to bring a date back here (should I get one soon) and I’d hate for them to walk into a mess.



Cleanliness is a daily practice.  Dishes, dusting, laundry, and floor cleaning (by mop or vac) are all things that should be looked at on a daily basis, not a weekly basis.  Why?  Dirt changes like traffic.  Some weeks may be heavy weeks where you’ll do three loads of laundry (make sure to put it all away right when it’s done to avoid the clean clothes piling up) and use your vac twice.  Other weeks may be light where you choose to swiffer up messes and leave your vac in the closet for the time being.

As far as clutter, tackle that proactively rather than waiting for it to pile up.  Find a place for everything and make a practice of putting everything in its place…even if it means an extra trip out to the living room to put away a DVD before bed.

Bathrooms and windows can be cleaned weekly, small messes should be cleaned immediately, and if you have a pet..use your lint brush on furniture daily.

It doesn’t take much time each day to keep things clean.  It’s when the messes start piling up that we have to spend an afternoon getting things back into order.  Just be proactive and make everything a routine.  It will all organize itself from there.