Finding the unknown

The Teleporter
So I can fart in this and it just..goes into space?

Belle323 wrote:


Why can’t I find the right guy for me?  I look and look and all I seem to find are douchebags.  I find someone perfect and things start off super good, then after a few months, they always flop.  Is it me?….or am I just looking for the guy that doesn’t exist?  I don’t think my standards are screwed up.



Do you know what I want?  I want a happy life with a loving wife that has a perfect body and a personality to match.  I also want a mansion that has a built in waterslide and a machine to teleport farts into space.  Oh, and a million dollars, tax free.

We all set ideals in our minds, but if we adhere TOO tightly to those ideals, we may miss something spectacular.  I don’t need a million fact, I don’t even know what I’d do with that amount of money and a mansion.  And, as we get older, the chances of finding someone with a perfect body and matching personality are about as good as pooping a diamond.  I am not saying settle, but go outside of your ideals and you’ll most likely find someone that makes that search worthwhile.  Just remember that perfect doesn’t exist.  Take it day by day and don’t forget to relax your ideals.  You’ll do just fine.