Clothing hoarder


Samantha wrote:

HELP!  My roommate is a clothing hoarder.  I didn’t know this when I asked her to move in with me, but now that I know, it’s a huge problem. What do I mean by clothing hoarder?? She shops at least once a week and has plies of clothes (I can’t tell what’s clean or dirty) all over her room.  She took my flat iron the other day and I had to root around in there looking for almost a half hour.  It was disgusting and it’s making her room smell like dirty clothes which is also leaking the smell into the hallway by my room.  It’s gross.  How do I tell her it’s not cool to be so messy without pissing her off?


First off, she may have a problem.  No one should need to shop weekly for clothes without getting rid of clothes at the same rate.  Secondly, you need to just confront her and let her know that her mess isn’t cutting it with you.  It’s your place, and regardless of what she’s paying for rent, your rules are your rules.

Do you know what things love piles of clothing?  Mice..mice and bugs.  I lived in the basement of my family’s house while growing up in South Dakota and I couldn’t leave clothes on the floor because there were moments of terror (I hate to relive them) early on involving bugs in my shorts, shoes, and bath towels.  I’ve seen friends get mice in their clothing piles…it’s not pretty.  Maybe you should share THAT bit of info with her the next time the mess comes up.

In the end, you need to just communicate your needs and ask her to respect them.  You have to be willing to respect a LITTLE disorder, but nothing beyond whatever guidelines you’ve set out for roommates.  If that doesn’t work, flex your landlord muscle and boot her.  I agree that huge messes are a dealbreaker.