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Anonymous wrote:

How is your personal fitness stuff going?  You never talk about that anymore.  Reading your journey to lead a healthier life inspired me to do the same and I’ve lost 75lbs in the last year.  It’s been a life changing experience for me and it’s nice to finally have more self-confidence.  I just wondered how you were doing with it.  Still active?



I am still active.  I have managed to tone up quite a bit and maintain my (just under) size 36 waist while still enjoying life.  I still eat healthy, I continue the gym routine 3-4 days per week, and I have managed to avoid fast food this whole time (except for a few work trips where my whole team out voted me and there was nothing healthy nearby).  I did add some muscle in the past year and I am working to tighten that up as of now, but I’m happy with how I look and am always seeking to improve.

I am really glad you are having such a success in your own journey and I am happy I could inspire you to lead a healthier life.  I think many people are afraid to try new things and that sometimes drives them away from making major lifestyle changes like losing weight or eating healthy.  I often get asked, “Isn’t eating healthy really expensive?” or “Don’t gyms cost a fortune?”, and my answer is always no.  There are affordable ways to change personal eating habits, affordable ways to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle, and the only person they’re hurting by not changing is themselves.  Being healthy for life is like a long distance run..sometimes, it’s tough, sometimes it’s glorious, and it requires dedication and discipline.

Life is full of challenges.  A healthy life is a challenge with a HUGE payoff.