Life of the party (with kids)..

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Allisen wrote me a letter that actually managed to frustrate me beyond all belief.  In fact, it’s so frustrating, I’ve decided I’m not going to post it.  I’ll describe it instead.

Allisen wrote in and asked for advice finding a guy that could keep up with her and stated she’d had trouble finding a guy that could deal with her situation.  She didn’t say what her “situation” was, so I emailed her back.  It turns out that Allisen has a son that is almost two.  I still didn’t see what the “situation” was, so I emailed her back for more info and this is where things got ugly.

As she explained it, she is a “party girl” that “accidentally got pregnant” (did she trip and fall into a penis?) but doesn’t think that should keep her from going out.  She parties three to four nights a week and leaves her child at home with her parents while she goes out and drinks…3-4 nights a week.  She finds these “nice, family guys” to date and is shocked..SHOCKED to discover that they have a problem with her hard partying ways as a mother.

Allisen feels that since her child is still young, he won’t remember the years mommy wasn’t home at night and feels that she needs to get things out of her system so she doesn’t want to party into her 40’s.  Allisen stated she sees her son about two nights a week and the other remaining night, he’s at his father’s so she goes out…which means she actually party’s 4-5 nights a week.  I told Allisen what I thought of her mentality and we went back and forth.

Allisen is upset because a guy won’t stick with her and party with her, knowing full well she’s leaving a child at home.  Earth to’re a mother whether you like it or not.  It’s time you start acting like one.  Having trouble figuring that one out Allisen?  That means you should be spending more time at home with your son than you are spending drinking and partying.  It doesn’t matter if your son is sleeping or not, YOU need to be there for him.  I don’t know of any parents that go out as much as you do..and if I did, you can be rest assured, I’d tell them off as well. As a parent, you have less free time because your time is no longer YOUR time.  You need to spend that time raising and educating your son.  Kudos to your parents for stepping up and doing it for you, but don’t think they enjoy seeing you party your life away while your son sleeps in their house. I’d advise any of you partiers out there to make sure you’re not tripping and falling onto any penises too if you’d like to keep partying…and I would hope that any parent I know isn’t doing this very same thing (or anything close to it).


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  1. This sounds like my fiancee’s ex… but she refuses to have their daughter around me because she doesn’t know me (but she does know what I do for a living and knows my fiance’s family likes me & trusts me). But when you turn the situation on her about the guys she has their daughter meet, her reaction is I’m a single mother and I don’t deserve to be alone. Quit thinking about yourself and start thinking of the child! I don’t understand how people can be so selfish!!

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