Reader questions

I get random questions from time to time and though I’d take a minute to answer a few.  They go back a few months, so be prepared…

Uyen wrote:

Yay!  Congrats on the house!  How do you like it so far?  Mine was so much work to get updated.  Good thing I had friends to help.

I am still updating Uyen.  The bedroom is almost done, the back yard is almost done for this year (major plans next year), and I have the sunburns and paint stained fingers to show for it.  It is a ton of work to own a house and it is very expensive, but rewarding.  I am a “go-go-go” kind of guy when tackling a task, so it always gives me something to do.

Rob wrote:

What is the best gym to join?  I’d like to get back into working out.

My gym is the best Rob.  Just kidding (though it IS pretty awesome).  The best gym to join is the one that best fits YOUR needs and price range.  There is no need to overpay for something you could get cheaper just as it would make no sense to deprive yourself of some tools just to skimp on price.  Gyms offer free tours, so look around and make your choice.

Alec wrote:

I am a 26 year old virgin, is there any help for me to lose it?

Yes Alec, it’s called sex.  There are books you can find at your local library that may even have pictures on this thing called “sex”.

Vanessa wrote:

I am a relatively busty girl and guys seem to always stare at my chest while making conversation.  How can I fix this?

Just don’t show any cleavage Vanessa.  That, or start wearing a cardboard box.  Guys are insensitive sometimes and may be a little rude in things like this.  If all else fails, grab their cheeks, pull their head up and say, “Eyes are up here..”

Jennifer wrote:

Why don’t we hear about STDs anymore?  It seems like yesterday when everyone was concerned about HPV or AIDS.

Just because you may not hear about it doesn’t mean it’s not being talked about.  You wrote this a few months ago, but I just walked the MN AIDS Walk this past Sunday and let me tell you..the message is still being put out there.  I think people have become used to the messages that were being sent and it became invisible to them.  Look around..the messages are still out there.

Anonymous wrote:

Do you like boobz? that the new line of ghost toys from Hasbro?  I can see the tagline now: “Boobz!  Get your hands on ’em!  New from Hasbro!”

Sarah L wrote:


I am in decent shape, but went to get my cholesterol checked and the doctor said it’s dangerously high. I work out two days a week but have always been able to eat what I want.  How concerned should I be?

You should be very concerned.  High cholesterol is no laughing matter and should be corrected ASAP.  Your first step?  Stop eating whatever you want and start a lifestyle of healthy eating.  The second step should be increasing your physical activity and looking at drug treatment options with your doctor.

Aaron wrote:

Is life insurance a scam?

If you look at insurance as the ability to have something tangible in return for what you pay, then yes.  If you look at the benefits of what you pay for, then no.  I hope that helps.

Greg P wrote:

I’d like to ask a question and see if you think it’s weird.  Is it wrong to want a girl to dress up like a clown for sex?

Yes it is Greg.  Yes it is.  Hahaha…I am just giving you a hard time.  If that’s your fantasy and you can find someone that is willing to indulge you with this, it doesn’t seem harmful.  

Amy Q wrote:


I think you should post more pictures of yourself.  I think you’re really handsome.  All I’ve seen to far are the early pictures then the main one.  Are you camera shy?

I am not camera shy, but I am invisible.  I am not usually one that manages to make the “pictures of the night” when they are taken. 

So there you go..recent questions that didn’t require an entire post to answer, bunched together for your convenience.  Enjoy!