When to stand back up.

Okay team, let's hold some balls!

Laura wrote:


I’ve been single for a year, jobless for 6 months, and I am now living with my parents.  I am 29 years old, I have a degree, but my breakup with my boyfriend of three years hit me so hard that I couldn’t function and lost my job, then my home.  I am starting to see the break in the clouds and I’m going out more now, so my question to you is, when will I be able to get back on my feet?



You’ve always been able to stand Laura.  You got knocked down by this breakup, but you should have gotten right back up and kept on going.  Instead, you stayed down.  Picture it like this:

You’re playing dodgeball and you get hit in the chest by a ball.  It knocks you to the ground and you have two options at that point.  1) You can roll around feeling every little sensation of pain caused by that ball hitting your skin..you can make noises, tear up a little, and have people feel sorry for you, or 2) you can suck it up, open your eyes, and see you caught the damn ball that hit you and you won the game.

Things happen to us every single day that are out of our control (breakups are one of them), but it doesn’t mean we have to hang on to the effects.  Take it for what it’s worth, let go, and move on.  It’s time to stand back up Laura.  You have some catching up on life to do.