Less is best?

Anonymous wrote:


Have you heard of the Propel Diet?  In case this is new to you, my friends told me about it.  It’s where you drink 4-5 bottles of Propel a day, eat 2 pieces of bread 1 in AM 1 in PM and work out everyday.  After three days, you go a day without eating, then go back to the diet.  It doesn’t seem right to me, does it seem right to you?  It seems like it’s really low on calories.



It seems very wrong to me.  Yes, Propel has some B vitamins and 5-10 calories each bottle, but..THAT’S IT.  Assuming that two pieces of bread is 360 calories, you’re filling up with water, sucrose, starch, and nothing else.  You’d be cutting yourself dangerously low on daily calories and with the workout, you’re asking for some severe health problems.  These types of diets are hidden forms of eating disorders.  I am willing to bet that one of your friends started this and was busted by another friend, so she’s playing it off as a “diet” and got others to join her.  I hope one of them has the strength left to call 911 when one of them passes out at the gym or in school.  Experts recommend AT LEAST 1000 calories per day, and it goes up from that if you’re active.

If you’re looking to lose weight, increase your physical activity or join a gym for regular workouts and eat healthier.  Keep meals and snacks in moderation and stay away from pop/soda.

Stay away from this diet Anonymous, and get your friends some help.