End of the eworld

Izzy's vegan ice cream
NOT this soy flavor.

So some believe the end of the world is coming tomorrow..I think it’s a load of BS..which made me wonder what I’d eat for a last meal if it were REALLY the end of the world. I don’t even know where to begin, but I know I’d HAVE to have some Izzy’s ice cream.

What would you eat?


Look who’s looking..

A modern pair of prescription glasses with a h...
bi-focals..which begs the question: If this is a bifocal lens are single focus lenses, heterofocal?

Melissa wrote:


What do guys look for in a girl?  I know some are butt guys, boob guys, or leg guys, but what else do they look for?



I asked a few of my guy friends here and got nearly identical answers from all of them.  I then took it one step further and asked a few females what THEY look for in a guy, and surprise!..they were also nearly identical.  I was amazed that money didn’t make the list at all.  I am not a materialistic person and never feel a need to have the latest and greatest toys, so it was nice to see that others are feeling the same way these days.

Here are the top three things people look for in a significant other:

1.  Attraction-Is the person fit, healthy, and attractive?  If you fall outside of the societal norms, the chances of being single increase significantly.  Men preferred a woman that was healthy and had a “good figure”, where women preferred a man that was simply “in shape”.  All in all, it appears that both sides wanted someone to be active with and someone that wouldn’t have major health issues when they get older.

2.  Ambition-Know what you want, how you want to get there, and have the guts to take those steps.  You can talk a big game all you want, but if you’re going nowhere, chances are your dating life will be going nowhere too.  Men wanted a woman who was “going somewhere with their life” and women wanted a guy who “knew what he wanted from life” and would be able to “make things happen”.

3.  Intelligence-Despite the stereotypes, guys didn’t want a woman that was all beauty with no brains.  The ability to have a solid conversation ranked high among both men and women, as did the education aspect.  Both men and women felt a partner that could use their education to reach their personal goals was a big “plus”.  On a similar note, both men and women said they felt someone TOO intelligent would be a burden and if the person’s intelligence made them feel inferior it would most likely be a deal breaker.


4.  Independence-Women all said they wanted a man that could handle his business and not mooch off of other people.  Men said they wanted a woman that would be okay on her own, but “still loves being in a relationship”.

5.  Knowledge of the world around them-I almost titled this “street smarts” because men seemed to want a woman that wasn’t naive about things (knew when a guy was hitting on her, knew how to fix things, knew “common sense” things, etc.,) and women wanted a man that could be handy with basic repairs and tools and a man that was good at negotiating.

6.  Love of music/art-Both men and women preferred someone who could appreciate music and art.  One woman said, “I think it’s great if you know more about music and art than you do about sports or TV shows.”  One guy said, “I’d like a woman to be able to relate to the music I listen to.”

7.  Cleanliness-Women said this ranked in the top 5, but men ranked this in the top ten of things they look for in a woman, so I listed it as the last item on the list.  Women said they wouldn’t spend time with someone who had a messy house and men preferred to spend time with a woman that cared about her appearance and her living space.

So there you have it..the top 7 things that people look for.  It appears as though the “must haves” for both sexes are becoming more alike, where in years past, they would have been a little more varied.  I think this is good!