Center of the universe feedback..

Anonymous wrote:


The friend just really seems self-centered.  Why should Rhonda end the friendship because her friend is self-centered?  I don’t get it.  Can’t people be different?



I am sure most people would agree when I say there is very little room for being self-centered in any sort of relationship.  If you’re constantly overlooking commitments or the needs of people other than yourself, you’re a burden..plain and simple.  I have very little tolerance for self-centered people and people that don’t follow through on commitments, because it’s a waste of time to constantly have to babysit them for the sake of friendship. Now, you may say THAT is self-centered, but if you look at it from the perspective of me wanting to spend time with people that want to spend time with me (and seeing the self-centered people are simply wasting that time), then it’s not self-centered at all.  My time isn’t ME’s WE time, almost all of the time.

And again, I am not saying to take the first chance to throw away friendship.  If there is something larger here (like depression), then a real friend will help see the other friend through.