Hamburger helped.

Ad Lie from Hamburger Helper
I always wondered why a gardening glove was the spokesperson..


Still no good night’s sleep.  I had about 4 hours of sleep last night and am still feeling weird.  Maybe tonight’s the night?

It feels like forever, but I had some Hamburger Helper for lunch today and it made my day.  I remember looking forward to dinner as a kid when I knew we were having it, but I got way too sick of it in college (that..and ramen, and Busch Light..) and swore it off for awhile.  Eating that for lunch today was like a flashback in my mouth.

I had a ton of emails yesterday on my post and I thank you all for writing in.  Yes, I am fine.  No, I am not going to lose the house (that I know of).  No, I’m not in failing health.  I am simply stressed, and sometimes stress can be a nasty bed partner.