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Melissa wrote:


I admit, I’m behind on your blog and I’m trying to catch up.  I just read the post about your bet with Andy.  I have something similar going with my boyfriend, but I think he’s not keeping up on his end.  Here’s why-

1.  He says he’s lost 17lbs but he looks the same.  At 6 feet 3 and 375 lbs, you’d notice if someone lost 17lbs right?

2.  He makes time for the gym but is back in under an hour (we go at different times).  Our gym is 10 minutes away.

3.  He says he changed his eating habits, but we have a joint checking account and I see he still eats fast food, pizza, and see him drinking pop.

4.  He was really excited about the bet at first, but now he doesn’t even talk about it.

It’s disappointing because we both really need to lose the weight.  He and I were having a good time in the beginning of our challenge and really pushing each other, but now, it seems that I am the only one who is trying.  From what I’ve said, do you think he gave up?  What do I do to re-invigorate him?



I certainly do think he gave up.  The fast food, pop, and short gym trips are the first sign that he isn’t taking things as seriously as you are.  Yes, you’d notice even a 5lb weight loss on someone bigger, and if he’d toned it up and added muscle, you’d notice that too.  I know people that have bragged about weight loss, but haven’t shown improvement, and it’s saddening to see they’d rather lie about it than actually go through with it.  It seems as though your boyfriend is faking his success because HE’S given up but wants YOU to succeed.

It’s tough to say what you should do to re-invigorate him.  Personally, I think fitness is important because if I am with someone, I’d like to know that their health isn’t going to be a problem later on in life.  Yes, there are things out of anyone’s control, but all of the things that CAN be controlled, should be in order.  There is no excuse for allowing yourself to fall into poor health.  Some may say time is an issue, but if your boyfriend is lying about his fitness progress, think of all of the time wasted on that lie that could be spent exercising.  Others don’t like being sore, but soreness is simply a reaction of the muscle that is part of an adaptation to a new movement.  It is basically microscopic rebuilding of the muscle, and can be treated (not eliminated) with supplements, stretching, and upping protein intake before and after exercise.

If you’re looking to get him pumped up about your challenge again, I’d have a sit down conversation with him and explain that you’d like him to get excited about things again because you’d like to have many happy AND healthy years with him.  Hopefully that gives him a good reason to get back to the workouts.