Pretty fly for a gay guy.

Aberdeen, South Dakota

Aberdeen, South Dakota..where I grew up. Small town.. I'd probably know the driver of that SUV.

Tim wrote:

I am a homosexual male living in the lower midwest and I am wondering if you have any tips for good places to find dates.  I don’t do the club scene (too many queens), I don’t like bars (I don’t drink), and the online scene seems to have the same old people always on there.  I would like to think I have options, but it seems as though my town may be affecting the size of the dating pool.  Any pointers?



I can’t really tell you where to meet guys, so I’ll tell you where I’d meet women, ok?  Assuming I was in a hetero version of your life and all of those criteria above were a given, I’d look elsewhere.  Maybe there is potential at the grocery store, the library, or the gym?  What about concerts or other events?  What about a cute server that brings you your steak on lunch?  If all else fails, you’ll have to search outside of your area.  Living in a small town (I am assuming it is here) can really limit your choices if you’re straight, so I can’t imagine how drastic of a limitation it would be as a homosexual.

Just be yourself and keep an open mind (but clear ideals) about what you are looking for.  Don’t be douchy when striking up conversation, and just seek to get to know people..the rest will come in time.