Red sky in morning, sailors take warning..

A Ship Wrecked in a Storm off a Rocky Coast

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The title of this post refers to a sailing creed.  “Red sky in morning, sailors take warning, red sky at night, sailors delight,” is how it reads.  It means if you (other than in the tropics) see a red sky in the morning, you’ll be heading into a storm, but if it’s red skies at night, it’s already passed.

Signs in our lives are the same.  We often see those red skies in our relationships and choose to take no warning.  We go on, full sail, and are often blindsided by the storm.  We are tossed and turned by the waves of sadness and frustration until we find ourselves washed up on the shore of singledom again.  From there, we take stock of what we’ve got and start building a new boat.  What we fail to realize is that we SHOULD have prepared for the storm.  There were signs, we saw it coming, and there really was no surprise…we just chose not to react.

The reasons we choose not to react are varied.  For some, it’s part of a passive/aggressive approach to life, for others it’s the hope that things will just work out, for others it’s stubbornness, and others see the oncoming storm as something out of their control.  Whatever the reason, the final choice to react or not to react is up to us.  Failure, in this instance, doesn’t go beyond anyone but yourself.

The next time you see the red skies approaching, prepare yourself.  You just may weather the storm with your ship intact.